Why Us?

Tunç Aluminium Casting has many years of experience with advanced technology in modeling and machining, aluminum casting and project planning.


We have been shaping the future together for years.

About us

Born in 1970 in Ankara, Veysel Tunçyüz started working in the casting industry in 1986 after completing his education life. With his respect for the profession, work ethic and determination to work, he quickly reached the position of master sought in the sector. He started his business life as a partner in 1998 and continued to climb the ladder of success by founding Tunç Döküm in 2003. 

Tunç Casting provides semi-finished and full-product services in accordance with international quality standards to the automotive, security, medical, energy systems and lighting sectors in domestic and international markets. There is no kg-size-quality problem with the expert staff that it has trained in its own structure, integrated with the world sand casting technology. Attracting attention with its dynamic staff, innovative and investor structure, Tunç Casting has 3D design, aluminum model, wooden model and steel mold manufacturing, aluminum sand-permanent-alphaset resin-low pressure casting, CNC machining and CNC turning, laboratory, electrostatic powder coating line. and assembly units.

Our strategy

Considering customer satisfaction as a strategic goal, as we accept our customers as long-term business partners. 

Since it considers the employees as the most important resource, aiming to ensure their professional development through internal and external trainings, and also contributing to their personal development with working principles and social responsibility understanding.

To be a respected and leading organization in its sector, not only in Turkey but also at the international level. 

To create service standards supported by experienced staff, who can offer quality solutions that will minimize risks to its customers, with a company organization that has adopted the philosophy of total quality.

Our Values

Our “Values” that will enable us to implement the stated quality policy uninterruptedly : Our organization acts with certain values ​​in line with a principled and institutional behavior in order to achieve its vision. 

These values ​​are;

  • Being honest and keeping promises
  • Being sensitive to people, health and the environment
  • Sharing knowledge through communication and collaboration
  • Being open to change, development and being innovative
  • Believing in customer priority and quality
  • Taking responsibility and finding solutions
  • To be positive and constructive.


In line with its vision and values ​​in order to create a healthy corporate culture; Creating and maintaining a positive and constructive working environment where respect and tolerance prevail is the cultural strategy of our Corporation.

Our organization has a flexible structure that constantly learns, revises its organization and renews itself in order to meet and exceed customer needs.

Your trusted business development partner, Tunç Casting

Tunç Casting is your reliable business development partner for your raw and machined cast parts needs, from design to all product development, production and delivery stages.

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