Our Quality Policy

Within the scope of our services, as an organization that meets the demands of its customers in a timely and complete manner and fulfills the requirements of ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System for this purpose;

As an institution that respects people, has a sense of corporate and social responsibility, adheres to the principle of equality, is open, transparent and trustworthy, and thinks scientifically and creatively; To give an example of a management and communication system that continuously develops and renews by constantly monitoring and improving,

To provide modern services in physical spaces that are human-oriented and comply with international norms that comply with customer rights,

To maintain customer satisfaction at the highest level,

To follow and participate in domestic and international quality programs,

To give due importance to personnel training and to create an institutional structure that includes highly qualified individuals by ensuring the continuity of these trainings,

To contribute to our country socially with the projects we have done,

 In the light of these principles it has acquired;

  • In order to provide the best service to its customers, it works customer-oriented, adopts honesty and transparency in customer communication, understands customer expectations, implements them as soon as possible and remains loyal to the principle of confidentiality of customer information,
  • Uses all its resources to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty,
  • Provides and executes applicable conditions by continuously auditing the effectiveness of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and making necessary improvements,
  • Not only during the sale of products and services; maintains its relations in close cooperation with its suppliers as a strategic partner and grows and develops with them,
  • It ensures continuity by increasing personnel satisfaction, motivation and sense of belonging; determines the authority of duties and responsibilities, ensures their development with trainings,
  • Performs risk analysis for all processes and reduces threats to an acceptable level,
  • While carrying out its activities; complies with the legal regulations and other requirements to which it is subject, and resolves the detected nonconformities as soon as possible,
  • Researches and applies new technologies in order to use the energy types it uses while producing its products in the most efficient way and makes it sustainable,
  • Fully complies with the Laws and Regulations of the Republic of Türkiye,
  • It keeps this policy updated once a year,
  • It reviews all the activities in the existing management systems and commits to continuous improvement.