Low pressure

Low Pressure Casting Machine with 900 KG FURNACE CAPACITY and 1000mm x 1400mm column spacing

Sand Casting

There is no kg and size problem in floor formwork with 25 experienced personnel trained in-house. Our main goal is to provide the highest quality service in the fastest time according to customer demands and expectations.

Fully Automatic Molding Machine

Max 800*600*500mm mold capacity is available. With 2 operators, 45 molds are made in 1 hour.

Semi-Automatic Molding Machine

Max 600*500*300mm mold capacity is available. 120 molds are made in 1 hour with 2 operators.

Alpha Set Resin Casting

With the sand mixer that delivers 100 tons of new and 100 tons of transformed silica sand to the system (1h/20tons), 12 operators make 12 molds in 1 hour.

Permanent Casting

Max. There are 3 hydraulic permanent molding presses in the dimensions of 400*500*300h – 300*500*250h – 350*550*400h.

Natural Gas Melting Furnaces

3 hours / 1850 kg capacity (9h/5550 kg) capacity natural gas aluminum melting furnaces

Electric aluminum melting furnace with a capacity of 350 kg in 3 hours (9h/1050kg)


Examples of Products